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Empowering Tom


One of the things most important to us at FHC is ensuring service users are involved in their own health and support services and offering them choices.

That’s why when a new vacancy became available on Tom’s staffing team, we invited him to be included in the selection process.

After an initial interview with Laura, the Internal Recruiter, we arranged a video call for Tom to meet with his potential new staff member, Marie.

Tom thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the decision process and meeting new people. During Tom’s meeting with Marie, he had a good chat and a singsong.

After Tom’s meeting, he declared “I like her, she’s my new staff”, and already allocated her the nickname of “Mary”.

Since starting work, Marie and Tom have been getting on well and enjoying days in and out together.

Marie is enjoying her new role and thinks that Tom meeting with her was a good idea as it gave her and Tom a chance to get to know each other a little. She also feels that Tom being a part of the recruitment process has empowered him to choose his own staff and ensure the best match for him, which makes her feel special for being the chosen one.

The best part, Marie says about her new position supporting Tom, is that it is “challenging but rewarding”.

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