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Learning Disability

A learning disability affects the way a person learns and deals with all areas of life. Examples include developing essential skills, understanding complex information, managing finances and interacting with other people.

People with a learning disability typically find it difficult to accomplish day-to-day tasks, and often need support to develop the skills they need to live independently. Many people with a mild learning disability are able to live on their own, and may only require occasional support. However, those with a severe or profound learning disability could require full time support and care throughout their lives.

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Living With A Learning Disability

Individuals with learning disabilities are often treated ‘differently’ to the rest of society. They have to face prejudice and challenges on a daily basis, and may find it difficult to access services and have the control over their lives that most of us take for granted.

With our support, people with a learning disabilities can enjoy meaningful, independent and fulfilling lives. We provide residential support and supported living.

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