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About Forge House Care

Our dedicated team provides those in need with a diverse range of services. This includes accommodation, assistance with finances, daily living skills, accessing the community, social outings and so much more.

What You Need To Know

We work hard to understand the individual needs of each person we support; building confidence, developing skills and facilitating participation in their local community. Our structured care environment uses person-centred care plans to build on individual strengths and needs, whilst providing structure, continuity and opportunity.

We believe that our service users deserve to lead safe and fulfilled lives to the best of their abilities, as a result of our individual, personalised approach. With this in mind, we have a team of experts on our staff, including a Behavioural Therapist, Nutritionist, In-House Trainer, Medication Officer, Senior Support Staff, Managers and a team of Support Workers.



we are one and share our success by continuously giving back



we nurture and support each individual in our team

Our Values



we inspire to strive in order to do the best work we can



we are unique and recognise each individual within our team



we are forever evolving and inspire everyone to be part of the development

Community-Based, Independently-Minded


Independence is our byword, now and always, and we believe that everyone deserves as much care and support as their abilities allow. Whether it’s preparing their own food or going on day trips by themselves, our service users live life to the fullest every day.

Our support workers are trained and educated to the highest standard, able to address specific needs and foster independence with equal success. We want to provide the best possible care, for those who need it most.


Every day is different, and that’s why we maintain a flexible, optimistic outlook. We’re ready to meet the demands of our service users with empathy and understanding, no matter what.

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