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Mental Health

Mental health is still something of a taboo subject, even in today’s world. One in six people in the UK is dealing with a common mental health problem, such as an anxiety disorder or depression, whilst one in one hundred has a severe mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

We focus on the small steps service users can take that lead to a fulfilling and independent future for anyone with a complex mental health illness. Our wealth of expertise and experience in delivering the right level of individual support and therapy is fundamental in achieving the best possible outcomes.

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Living With Mental Health Issues

Even though it’s spoken about now more than ever before, mental health discussion still has further to go before it’s widely accepted. While milder issues such as depression and anxiety can be mitigated with medication and therapy, severe disorders require a more robust amount of care and support.

Our approach is focused on the needs of the individual and maximising their level of independence as soon as possible. Our goal is that each person we support can live in the least restrictive environment, whilst continuing to access on-going support and the therapeutic engagement of a full multidisciplinary team, e.g. psychiatry and community mental health teams.

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