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Empowering Stephen

Learning Disability

“Stephen has been a resident with FHC family since January 2017. Stephen had a variety of health diagnoses when he joined us.

With support, Stephen worked hard to overcome some of these challenges and learn new techniques on how to manage and deal with challenging situations that occur in everyday life.

The team who worked with him worked hard to build up Stephens confidence. Over time, Stephen built good relationships with members of the team and other members of the FHC family, he was encouraged to socialise more with both staff, neighbours and members of the public. Stephen had a mix of skills and was encouraged, with guidance and support, to develop existing skills and learn ones. Over time, Stephen became more confident in himself to complete tasks independently.

As his independence grew, his own self-confidence grew. Stephen began completing more household chores independently, he became responsible for self-medicating his daily prescribed medication and would often cook meals at home for himself and his house mate.

Most of you in FHC will know Stephen as the resident gardener and car washer. Stephen decided one of his goals was to further expand his car washing business to people outside of FHC and he began washing neighbour’s cars regularly. This kept him extremely busy so Stephen decided that he wanted to go one step further and found a job with an old friend cleaning cars at a local garage.

During a keyworker meeting between Stephen and myself, we both were in agreement Stephen had progressed wonderfully over his time with FHC, and he was now ready to move forward to the next stage of his life, this being living alone.

Stephen and myself talked through possible options to move forward, we both felt that some level of support would be beneficial for him, Stephen put forward the idea of having someone popping in from time to time to visit around his working day, Stephen’s other main requirement was to remain in the area of Medway.

I shared the outcome of the meeting with Nigel, whom was in full agreement that it would be a good plan going forward for Stephen to progress to the next stage of his life. Following this, contact was made with Stephen’s Care Manager. The Care Manager and I had a long conversation and were in agreement that the time was right for him to move on and she advised for us to start looking at potential places for Stephen to move to and get the ball rolling.

After looking at various options and routes, Stephen has “found the flat of his dreams” in Medway with a move in date of the 18th of January being the proposed date for him to move.

I am extremely proud of Stephen and all his achievements whilst he has been with us, his hard work and determination is a true inspiration to all. He had a goal he set the goal and he achieved it with flying colours. We would like to say a huge well done to Stephen and wish him all the very best in his new home!” – Paul Burr, Senior Support Worker

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