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Empowering Angus


“My name is Angus. I had wanted to get a car for a while, my dream car was a Range Rover, like Paul’s, or a Rolls Royce. I had wanted a car for a while and I also wanted to learn how to drive. Paul and I talked about this and Paul set a job for me to look online at some other options of car. I had found lots of possible cars but I wanted a luxury car that was either black or dark grey. Another thing I wanted to do is start to drive, so I could drive staff to Brighton and Margate.

Paul told me I would need to do a theory driving test and a practical test, but I only want to drive automatic cars because I think these are safer to drive. The next job was to set up regular meetings with me and Paul so he could help me with practising the theory test. I also found an app to do this. I practised regularly but decided that I would rather employee company drivers drive me as this would be more luxury. I thought about this for a while as I liked the idea of having different drivers driving me in different cars’, but they would need business insurance first. A little time later I had a meeting with Paul and Nigel they were able to sort me out a car of my own.

Paul took me to the Volkswagen car garage, and we had a look at some of the possible cars that I could buy. I have now bought a luxury Volkswagen Golf which I can’t wait to arrive. I have written a list of my drivers and written a private and confidential agreement they will need to read and sign before they to can drive my car.”

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